The man behind our art

We were adamant on finding a local artist who could bring the story behind our hotel to life, and when we met Patrick Camino, we knew he was the one.

Born and bred in Launceston, Pat has been incredible to work with from start to finish. Putting in countless hours to create unique pieces of artwork for each of our rooms.

To find out more, please read our Q&A with Pat below.

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Pat, painting at Change Overnight


Patrick Camino

How would you describe your style of art?

I'd probably say it's more leaning towards a graffiti/mixed media style (if even that's a thing). I like to use aerosol, rollers, weed sprayer, and brushes, have been known to use a broom (laughs).. Pretty much anything I think will be useful.

When did you first start painting?

The first time I tried graffiti was back in 2012 when I was 20 but I never took it serious until I was about 22-23 so I'm a bit of a late bloomer in the art world. Art was never really appealing to me growing up or at school but I was always super curious about drawing as a young kid.

What inspires you to create a piece of artwork?

When it came to graffiti I was always inspired by quite aggressive shapes and minimal colour usually 2 or 3 colours, but as far as art goes Its sounds lame but it has to kind of resonate with me in some way or I can't get a feel for it. I like to find images I can relate to and then put my own spin on things usually.

What piece of artwork you are most proud of?

It would have to be a piece I created down at royal park were it was a safari kind of scene were there was a water buffalo and a lion having a face-off as a silhouette at sunset with an owl down the bottom looking off into the night. It was more 2 pieces merging into 1 now I think about it, but it means the most because it was the first time I really stepped out of my comfort zone and did something you would call art that wasn't on a piece of paper.

I put a lot of emotion and effort in as it was a bit of a rough patch in my life were I just felt I needed to do something that could resonate not only with myself but also for people that looked at it in some way. It's a really special piece to me even tho it might not be my best, it was a very monumental piece of art for me.

What did you find most challenging about painting the murals for Change Overnight?

A lot actually (laughs).. I had a game plan going in and it went right out the window on the first piece (laughs)!! But, I have always been good at thinking on my feet and improvising and I did just that. I was very out of my comfort zone and it forced me to grow and try a lot of new things which now I'd have it no other way. I'd never used a paintbrush in my life to create art until this job and it's a tool I wish I used earlier in life!! So very challenging but also extremely rewarding as far as growth. I also knew that failing wasn't an option so I had to find a way to survive and concur.

What did you love most about painting the murals for Change Overnight?

The growth. I learned more about myself and art in the time I painted at Change than I probably have all the years I have painted. It forced me to figure out different approaches and styles that I probably wouldn't have ever learned if I didn't do that job so I'm very grateful.

Biggest tip for inspiring artists?

There are a lot of things and I could speak for hours on this.. Firstly, you can't do a piece of art once every couple of months and expect to grow. You have to be putting in work at least 4-5 days a week to see rapid growth in my opinion. More if you can! You see a lot of artists do one thing every couple of weeks and they never really grow so you have to outwork everyone around you. Also artist block isn't a thing it's just laziness.. Sometimes the mind can get a little tired but there is no such thing as artist block in my opinion. I drew basically every day for 3 years to the point I had calluses on my hands and I never got artist block or ran out of ideas to draw once, you have to dig deep!

You also gotta be honest with yourself when it comes to your work. You know if it sucks, you can't listen to your family and friends because they are always going to tell you it's great so watch out for that one. Set the bar unrealistically high so you are always striving. Also you have to put yourself in situations were you are uncomfortable, for me it was painting in public (something I used to hate) but it forces you to perform under lights.

Do jobs that require a lot of pressure and you will always get better if you don't quit! You need to find ways to break through to that next level up from what you are.

I'll stop ranting soon but I feel these things need touching on (laughs). Lastly you need patience.. Nothing happens overnight and expect to fail A LOT.

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