How much do you change the world every night?

Every night you stay with us you have the opportunity to give back to one of the eight causes we have partnered with.

We are absolutely honoured to work with each of these causes, and each causes have kindly crafted a tangible amount for each night's stay with us. Our guests have been interested in how much do they change the world with each night they stay with us? Get question. Here is how we answer this.

Your tangible impact

Every night you make a tangible difference. It's not about the dollar value for us, we want you to know exactly what you are giving. The tangible impact.

Here is a list of what each causes donates for your night stay with us:


86 nutritional breakfasts for children on an orphanage.

Tasmanian Land Conservancy

Purchase and protect approximately 5m2 of land in Tasmania.

Beyond Blue

Fund one phone call to a youth in need of mental health assistance.

Freedom Center

Contributes to funding one child through a short term education program.

Victory School of Hope

Sponsorship for one child for 4 weeks of education, including school supplies.

Act for Kids

One therapeutic session for a child or family in need.

Unconquered: Sanitary Pad Factory

40 packs of sanitary pads.

Be Hers

Provides children a full medical consultation after being rescued.

What about the dollar value?

Great question. What about the dollar value. Yes, these tangible amounts do cost. But, each amount varies per cause. We worked in collaboration with each cause to find that 'right' amount per night, which ended in what you see on our website. The main point here is that these costs come from our profit, and we feel sharing our profit is the right thing to do. We can focus on the exact amount, but we would rather celebrate the good that we are creating by every night.

Stay in touch with our tangible impact

We endeavour to create a quarterly tangible impact statement. If you would like to receive this update you can subscribe to our database by heading to the footer of our website here.

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