Changing the game through Launceston hotels

Launceston, Tasmania, the home of many firsts, creative people and trailblazing ideas. Change Overnight is the product of a big idea by a couple of individuals that see potential where most don't. Or perhaps they are just crazy enough to go after it. Either way, we're thrilled to be adding to the list of Launceston firsts.

Change Overnight is the first social enterprise hotel for Launceston... and the world. Bam. Launceston hotels are aplenty, but there's only one here that gives back with every night's stay.

A history of Launceston hotels

Hotels in Launceston have come a long way since its first in 1824, The Cornwall Hotel, now known as the Batman Fawkner. The Batman Fawkner is most famous as the meeting place of John Batman and co. which resulted in the settlement Melbourne.

The Batman Fawkner still operates today and is believed to be the oldest brick building in Launceston, a beautiful example of provincial colonial architecture. Since then, many iconic and successful hotels have been established in Launceston throughout the CBD and surrounds.

The Batman Fawkner is just a 5-minute walk from Change Overnight and worth a quick walk by and step back in time.

The first social enterprise hotel

Change Overnight isn't just another hotel, it's the first social enterprise hotel. A social enterprise is a business that operates to actively tackle social issues and improve outcomes.

Change is built on a philosophy of giving back and thinking about our greater impact. But it goes one step further. Change aims to have an effect beyond your stay – to hopefully ignite a fire in you that makes you fight for a cause important to you. It's more than a hotel, it's a better nights sleep.

The perfect base

Change Overnight is located in the heart of Launceston CBD with easy access to take on one of our many recommended day trips. Within walking distance to Launceston's most popular bars, restaurants, shopping and attractions, your hotel is the ultimate base to explore Launceston.

If you're taking on a day trip to Cradle Mountain, the Tamar Valley, Blue Derby or perhaps the Bay of Fires pick up the hire car and settle into your room at Change Overnight.

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