Jude's Village

Jude’s Village is a local social enterprise passionate about bringing health and well-being to young people through employment and belonging. Their big ambitious goal is to end the mental health crisis amongst youth in our city. The mental health challenge is huge, but Jude's are optimistic. They know how to solve the crisis and with the help of partners and supporters like you they can make progress every single day, one life at a time. If we work together, we believe we can change the future for young people.

We support Jude's Village because:

We support Jude’s Village because they provide chaplaincy in local sports clubs, run self-esteem programs in local high schools, offer employment to young people through Jude’s Cafe and create spaces of belonging and community with their youth group.

Staying at Change provides: Empower an at-risk teen girl through placing her in our school program for 3 weeks

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