Our Story

Many people question the purpose of life, or why we're seemingly moving through the motions or running on the hampster wheel known to some as life.

We've always interrogated this question, mulled it over, and debated it through fiery conversations. But this became more than a debate in early 2018 for us, us being business partners of S. Group and Blue Derby Pods Ride, Sam Haberle and Tara Howell.

We share many values and qualities, some may say almost as much as we share in ambition and sass, but our real motivation is to leave this world a better place.

This desire is what we have based the principles of Change Overnight around and what we believe life is about. Life isn’t about how many cars you own, or the suburb you reside in. It is about giving. Helping others. Cherishing the environment we live in. Working to give every living creature on this earth equal opportunity to thrive.

After conceptualising the idea of Change Overnight, we parked it in the back of our minds as a project that would come into fruition when the ‘time was right’. However, guided by the theory of having an open Johari Window, which Tara shared with Sam over one of those challenging late night discussions, we never let the idea move too far back from our line of sight. Before we knew it, we were slipping Change Overnight into conversations with potential partners. This business idea was becoming a reality incredibly fast.

One of these partners is the, driven, ambitious and creative entrepreneur, Toby Wilkin. Although we both had the utmost respect for Toby, it wasn’t until Sam found the time for a deeper conversation with Toby did we realise that Toby too shared the same heart and desire as we did. At this point, Change Overnight was progressing at a pace even the fastest would find hard to keep up with, and we knew we couldn’t do it alone.

After bringing Toby on board we felt the puzzle was nearly complete. However, when young gun Marcel Anstie walked into our lives we knew this project needed him too.

This made four. Four individuals who know that working together would leave a bigger impact than doing it alone. There will be more who join us, and we invite you to do the same.

We have big plans. One is a burning desire to disrupt the reason why people book a hotel room… In our eyes, it isn’t about the type of room, it is about the type of cause. Mark our words, this will be the first Change Overnight of many.


S. T. T. M.

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