Our Story

Many people question the purpose of life? Why are we brought into this hamster wheel of a world we live in?

A question that has always been discussed, mulled over, and debated through numerous conversations. A question, that became more than a debate for business partners Toby Wilkin and Sam Haberle in early 2018.

Toby, entrepreneur, and Sam, architect/business owner, are both not afraid of bold decisions and big ideas. However, that’s not all they have in common, they both share the same passion to leave this world a better place.

We could all continue to sit back and wait for “someone else” to make changes, instead they decided to take matters into their own hands, teaching guests the true value of a good night’s sleep. Bringing you Change Overnight. Australia’s first social enterprise hotel.

In late 2018 the development of Change Overnight Hotel began, repurposing a centrally located warehouse in Launceston, Tasmania. Concentrating on every intricate detail, whilst keeping a global focus in mind.

By mid-July 2019, the doors were officially open, and the time had come to embark on a journey of ‘change’. With the support from our guests, not only have we have been able to reach our donation targets, but we have managed to have a massive impact on the globe and those around us who need it most.

Just in the past six months 12,040 nutritious breakfasts have been donated to children in the GSAM Orphanage, 131 children have been assisted through various educational programs and 428 individuals in need have been provided with a medical consultation or therapy session.

Thank you kindly for your support, we certainly couldn’t have achieved this alone.

Stay in touch, we have huge plans. One is the burning desire to disrupt the reason why people book a hotel room. Mark our words, this may be our first Change Overnight Hotel, but it will be one of many.


Sam, Toby & Team Change

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